...before you die?

Downer of a question? Or the only question?

When my husband and I were in Asheville, NC, we came across this genius chalkboard:

It lets you ask the only real question of yourself, then post it, old-school, for the world to see:


Before I die I want to _________ .


It was a question so nice...


...I answered it twice.


There is something really powerful about seeing what you want to accomplish this time around, in writing. Even if it is in chalk on a temporary construction wall.

And I have to tell you, most people wrote about the really important stuff. The vast majority of the posts were about experiences or love. I don't remember a single post about owning an expensive car, or living in a mansion, or even, gasp, buying a fancy handbag. And while for sure there were some jokers, and some entries made to provoke a specific reaction, most of the posts came from a place of love or a place of curiosity or a place of wonder. In a world where so much of the news is so, so, so damn bad, it's amazing how this list gave me hope. 

Here's just a small sample of what people want to do in this life, and what they want to do badly enough to write it down for the world to see:


"End World Hunger."

"Walk to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro."

"Adopt many children."

"Not fear death."

"Marry Jon."

"Live in London."

"Love as much as I can."

"Thru-hike the Appalachian Trail."

"Explore the world."

"Tell everyone that they are loved."

"Visit Italy and EAT!"

"Be married in NC."

"Be awesome."

"Be friends with the world."

"Own my body and mind."

"Travel to Europe."

"Sing in front of people."

"See all the continents."

"End another's suffering."

"Make a difference."

"Publish a book."

"Ride and elephant."

"To keep love in my heart."

"Be happy."




So, how would you finish the sentence?


Before I die, I want to ___________________.




PS - The Before I Die Project is not unique to Asheville. What was an idea created out of love by Artist Candy Chang in New Orleans, has spawned a movement. A movement that has spread to over 500 walls in 70 countries, in 30 languages. And the numbers are growing. Click here to read about this incredible worldwide, interactive, art installation, and to see if there's one near you or near where you're going. And if you want to create a wall in your community, they can tell you all about how to make it happen here.





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