I’m blessed to have some particularly fantastic men in my life. With my incredible husband, sons, and brothers, my wonderful my brother-in-law, nephews, and friends, and the memory of very special, very loving father – I’ve won the lottery of great men.

But this post is not for them. Sorry, guys. This one is for my gurls.


Gurls are women who are like sisters, and sisters who are like best friends. They are mothers who inspire and surprise you every day, even though you’ve known them since before you were you. They are the daughters of friends that you know will grow up to be women you’d be friends with. Sometimes they are even the mothers or sisters or ex-wives of old boyfriends. They are the strong-of-heart women you see in yoga class, they are the soft-of-heart women who hold your hand when the world seems like it’s falling apart.

Me and my original gurl: my amazing sister, Dee.

Me and my original gurl: my amazing sister, Dee.

There is a true sisterhood amongst great women friends. There isn’t jealousy, there is only joy. There’s no judgment, just understanding. And no matter what you do, where you move, how you age, or who you marry, your gurls stay your gurls. Forever. Other friendships may fade, but these special friendships last a lifetime. You can go for a year or more without seeing them, but the instant you’re together, it’s as if no time passed at all.

You may have friends like this, or maybe you’re still looking. But in the wise words of my sister, “You only need one.” And from there, you can do anything. Because you have someone by your side who truly gets it. And you.

This post is just a simple thank you to my gurls. From my first ever friend (Leslie Spencer Pearl, I’m talkin’ to you), to those I’ve met just this year, and all the ones in between. You’ve made my life richer. You’ve opened my eyes to worlds and circumstances beyond my imagination. You’ve inspired me with your work, and you’ve melted me with your courage. You’ve loved me better than I could have ever hoped for, and in that, you’ve taught me how to love beyond my wildest dreams.

And for those of you who are blessed to have a gurl or two to call your own, let them know how grateful you are that they have your back. Remind them that you have theirs. Pick up a phone, write an e-mail, send a text. Right now. If there is one thing this life has taught me, it’s that you should tell the people you love how much you love them. Every. Single. Day.



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